Hey there mama! 

Are you struggling to get excited about life again, feeling a overwhelmed, fatigued, guilty, anxious, depressed and emotionally run down? Can’t seem to get back on track to find joy, happiness and fulfilment in this new chapter of your life?

I feel you, I have been there before, a journey that has fuelled my fire to help mamas just like you. You are not alone. 

What if you could use movement to break through the barriers and see the opportunities for growth in challenges, that are causing you physical and emotional suffering right now, in order to connect to who you are and what you want in life now that you are a mama? 

Imagine if you could allow yourself to feel the joy in motherhood, movement, adventure, play and experiences that you have with those you love the most and life's little pleasures again? Just like a mama who is a powerhouse creator of life should be!

I am on a mission to integrate different strategies over adventure/movement based activities to create opportunities for powerful forces of growth to overcome emotional challenges, to realise potential, spark curiosity, have permission to play, reconnect to self, nature and others, allowing clients to continue to evolve and move towards live fully in alignment with the authentic self.

Nothing happens by chance, you have found me for a reason.

It is time for you to step up back into your power, and call the shots on your life.

I will take your hand and we will start this next chapter of your adventure together, see how we can work together!