Move For Mental Health is an initiative to empower women to move, play, experience, adventure and explore more to boost mental wellbeing or reduce mental Illness symptoms. 


100% of profits are donated to The Gidget Foundation and their #starttalking service. A not for profit that supports new and expecting parents who are struggling emotionally with pre or post natal depression anxiety. Every $1000 raised by helps support a family for a year with tele health counselling. 


The Move For Mental Health Initiative aims to;

Raise awareness for the power of movement to boost mental wellbeing and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety

Advocating for movement to be prescribed by mental health clinicians when treating patients dealing with depression and anxiety

Get people moving and adventuring more to start living not just surviving, movement that inspires them and brings them hope. For where there is hope there is LIFE!

Start conversations and give others the permission to speak up and seek help.


Buy a tank or tee, join a hike or donate using the below link to The Gidget Foundation.