You can really get creative with what veggies and filling you choose to put in my favourite is as below.

4 rashers of bacon chopped

4 Broccolini stalks chopped

Half a red onion chopped 

Roasted sweet potato


Sun dried tomatoes

Feta (if dairy free do not use)

1/2 a capsicum chopped

Mountain Bread (I like the quinoa one)

6 - 8 eggs depending

Little bit of nut milk

Optional - cheese on to sprinkle on top

Cook the bacon, broccolini, capsicum and onion in a fry pan with a little oil until just cooked.

Layer a quiche dish with mountain bread you may need about 4 - 5 slices make sure all over lap and there are no gaps.

Mix the eggs and nut milk together in a bowl.

Add the filling that you cooked evenly on the bottom of the mountain bread, adding in your roasted sweet potato, sun drieds, feta and spinach then pour the egg mixture over and put cheese on top if wanted. 

Cook in a pre heated oven at 180 until the middle is cooked - check around 35 mins.

Serve with your favourite salad.