Hey legends!

The Movement Room’s mission is to educate and empower people with the tools to create opportunities for powerful forces of growth to overcome physical, emotional and mental challenges. Guiding you to find protective and coping strategies to boost mental wellbeing and reduce the symptoms of mental illness, using nature, play, education, community, movement, adventure and exploration. Creating and holding space for you to start LIVING not just surviving.

Kylianne is a ecotherapist, counsellor, fitness industry educator and presenter, personal trainer, mental health first aid instructor, mental health advocate, founder of the Move For Mental Health Initiative and The Gidget Foundation Ambassador.

Kylianne is a big believer in the power of movement and nature as protective strategies for mental illness, where the body is the vehicle to live a more fulfilled life not an object that needs to be continually perfected.

Kylianne has had the opportunity to speak at amazing events such as The Women's Health and Fitness Summit in Melbourne 2015 + 2016, FILEX 2017 + 2019 and the Move Your Body Wellness Day in Karratha and Perth - see her debut presentation in the industry + get to know her story here.

The Movement Room's superpowers are our authenticity, creativity, curiosity, drive to understand, passion for contribution, love to play, experience and connect with others on a deeper level. In all the work that we do we aim to live fully in those values.

Kylianne Farrell (“KA”) is a passionate Women’s Health focused fitness professional and counsellor. She constantly impresses me with her quest to provide gold standard service to all women seeking her skills, particularly those in the pre and postnatal period. I would highly recommend KA to any woman seeking help to get on track before and after childbirth. Robin Kerr - Women's Health Physiotherapist