500 grams of lamb mince

Big handful of chopped mint

1 tspn of paprika 

1 tspn of cumin

1 tspn chili (chopped or one whole finely chopped chili depending on taste)

2 tspns of garlic

1/2 a brown onion chopped finely

Salt and pepper


1 bottle of pasta sauce (as natural as possible)

1 tspn garlic

1 tspn of chili

1 Tspn of maple syrup

Cook all together until flavours have combined and tomato has broken down.

Make into koftas (long balls ;) ) and fry off with some oil until cooked (not too much oil as lamb is very fatty already.

Serve with favourite roasted or steamed veggies and cous cous, and plain natural yoghurt.